Become the CEO of Your Calendar

For intentional people who are tired of battling the clock, feeling like there's never enough time in the day. Take back control of your calendar by using a proven 3-step approach called Calendar Blocking that turns overwhelm into focus and clarity.

Your day goes something like this...

Wake up hurried.

Rush through shower, coffee, trying not to panic about the day's schedule.

Nod to family members and somehow get everyone where they need to go. 

Start the onslaught of back-to-back meetings you are totally unprepared for, with a side of 100 emails you can't get to.

Wish you had time to get some things accomplished that actually matter. 

Exhausted, get through dinner, bedtime, and collapse in bed to watch a show and do it all over again.

Ok... if that's not your day, that definitely used to be mine! And as coaches, we hear sagas like this every day from people all over the world. 

So I'm not going to act like it's not real. It's part of the intentional, ambitious, get-things-done life. But it doesn't have to be suffocating.

When I left the corporate life to start my business, I had a dream that there could be a better way to do the days and weeks. So I set out to find a solution...

Enter calendar blocks.

Sexy right?

Well, actually, the funny part is we think the calendar is our enemy - filled with all that busyness that keeps us from the important work and good life.

But what I found is that the calendar is actually the solution...

See, the problem with most of our schedules is that we're using a reactive approach, which makes everyone else the boss of our calendars (including all those notifications and unplanned messages). 


So, the solution is to shift to a proactive approach, which makes you the boss of your calendar. 

And sure, life still happens... but now it's much more on your terms!

Most people simply react to the demands of the day without a clear plan, which leads to stress, inefficiency, and burnout. 

But what if there was a simple, powerful tool that could transform your days from chaotic to controlled?


Calendar Blocking is that tool, and not only have I used it to become highly effective with my time, but I'm actually excited about my schedule most mornings when I wake up! And the days I'm not, I still have time to adjust course and get important things accomplished.

At Greenhouse, we've coached hundreds of others who not only manage their time better, but master it.

It's all about setting a new tone - designing your calendar around the blocks of time you need. Then implementing in a way that sets healthier expectations and protects the blocks when the forces of real life and work come knocking.

What You'll Achieve

By implementing Calendar Blocking, you'll experience profound changes in how you approach each day:

Increased Efficiency: Get more done in less time by batching similar tasks and minimizing context-switching

Better Decision Making: Easily prioritize what matters most and confidently say no to distractions

Weekend Enjoyment: Reclaim your weekends for relaxation and personal pursuits, knowing your workweek is under control

Monday Motivation: Start your week with enthusiasm and readiness, rather than dread and overwhelm

Building a Business: Calendar blocking is the key to repeating the core tasks that grow your revenue

Career Transition: Calendar blocking is the key to consistent networking (the core tenant in our career transition topics)

It's Time For a Change

Transforming your relationship with time is simpler than you think. Our mini course provides you with practical steps to become the CEO of your calendar, so you can feel more focused and fulfilled. Whether you're a busy professional, a parent trying to care for yourself, or a business owner wearing all the hats... mastering Calendar Blocking will unlock new levels of productivity in your life.

ready to make it happen?

Join hundreds of other Greenhousers who have already transformed their lives through Calendar Blocking. Purchase now and reclaim your time, reduce stress, and achieve your goals with clarity and confidence.

And if you're feeling in the growth/improvement mood, grab the Access Pass to get all of our Mini Courses (including new ones when they're released)!

Don't go another month and another year feeling scattered and unable to accomplish what you're meant to do. Your future self will thank you!

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